• exA-Arcadia 2-player vertical screen model

exA-Arcadia Multi-Game System [2 Player Vertical Screen Model]


The Perfect Cabinet For Classic & Modern Shoot ’em Ups
Installed Dimensions: TBA
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110V @ 6A / 220V Available
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Fun Company / exA-Arcadia

“Power to the operators” is the motto for exA-Arcadia, a modern take on the multi-game arcade system. This listing is for the 2-player vertical screen model.

The ExA-Arcadia platform is similar to the NEO GEO MVS of the 1990s, but designed with today’s power and operator needs in mind. It offers a versatile solution to providing brand new arcade content to arcades, routes & FECs, coming in at a cost well below most of today’s big game cabinets. Supporting up to four games at once, adding and changing out games is as easy as swapping a game cartridge. There are no revenue share or online fees associated with these games, nor is there region locking. The games are also designed by people who are fans of arcades and knowledgeable about operations in both the United States and Asia.

Here is an overview we filmed at Amusement Expo 2021, showing both the 2-player and 4-player models. The vertical model was not present at the show, but apart from the screen orientation, functions in the same way. Video available in 4K UHD; Subscribe to us on YouTube to stay up-to-date with the latest product videos!

Featuring traditional joystick/button controls, the games hearken back to the style of skill-based arcade gaming that many of us grew up with. This includes 1-on-1 fighting games, scrolling shoot ’em ups, action games, classic HD remasters and more, with many titles in development and planned for release in the future. All of the titles also come with some exclusive content or features so in the event that they are available on home consoles, things have been changed to make these versions unique. Many are the “definitive” or “Director’s Cut” versions of the games, bringing tighter, arcade-style play that locations need for success.

What Games Are Available?

As of September 2021, the following titles are available. Most titles support 2-players; 4-player games will only show 2 players available if used on the 2-player model. Note: Most exA games are designed to operate on horizontal screens, with a few being specifically designed to work on the vertical screen setup. Games that have a specific vertical mode are in bold text below:

Many more games are in the works for the system, including well-known names and classic game remasters. It also will see games from SNK returning to arcades, a name that many customers recognize from the aforementioned Neo Geo MVS. Stay tuned for more news on this front.

The exA-Arcadia 2-Player Vertical Dedicated Cabinet Features:

– A multi-game solution designed for street operators & traditional game players

– Unique pedestal cabinet with bold red, white & black color scheme

– Games are available on compact cartridges, super easy to swap out

– Cabinets are built in the USA by Fun Company

– Great footprint to fit into a variety of locations

– 55″ 4K vertically oriented monitor; Plays best for “shmup” style games.

– Striking backlit marquee with interchangeable game posters to fit which games are offered

– LED-backlit & laser etched plexi side panels to draw extra attention to the cabinet

– Instruction card panel displays up to four cards to also show players basic controls

– 2x player stations with joystick & LED backlit button controls

– Giant MENU button to return to the main game menu

– Stereo speaker sound

– Each game features a number of specific game options that can be adjusted to fit the needs of your location

– More new games launching in the future

– Also available in a 2-player horizontal screen cabinet and a 4-player horizontal screen cabinet

– Comes with a standard 2-slot coin door

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