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Elite Park Water Games


A Competitive Water Shooting Game With Real Water Guns
Installed Dimensions [Single cab]: H:109″ W:68″ D:88″ Weight: 627lbs.
Installed Dimensions [Elite Park 4p]: CALL
Installed Dimensions [Elite Park 8p]: H: 118″ W:197″ D: 138″ Weight: 882lbs.
Installed Dimensions [Elite Park 12p]: CALL
Shipping Dimensions: CALL
Electrical: 110/220V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Universal Space (UNIS)



Looking for an interactive water park that requires no swimsuit? Then check out Elite Park Water Games by UNIS.

The principal star of the Elite Park Water Games is the video game Star Crusaders. This cabinet can be sold separately by itself, but when combined with the Elite Park design, it steps up from just a game to an experience.

In Star Crusaders, players take control of a mounted water cannon to blast both on-screen virtual targets as well as real, mechanical targets that will become active during certain points of the game. Players will face off against a huge variety of creatures, culminating in an exciting end-of-level boss battle. Cannons can fire a single jet of water, or when power-ups are obtained, a multi-stream blast! Water is recycled through a UV filtration system while game electronics are properly protected from aquatic exposure.

As mentioned, Elite Park designs take the game a step further. A giant, vibrant backdrop and marquee draw initial attention, while fencing is placed around the area to help keep things organized. Each Star Crusaders cabinet comes with 4 guns, and it links up to two other cabinets for a total of 12-players! Elite Park designs are available for single, dual or triple cabinet setups.  Finally, an online leaderboard kiosk is included, that can be placed directly outside of one of the two entrances. With this kiosk, players can see their high scores locally or globally, while operators can easily setup tournaments, and capture the “eSports” fever.



Here is an example render of a triple Star Crusader Elite Park setup. Call for pricing & options

UNIS’ Elite Park Water Games Features:

– The ultimate water gun gaming experience

– Radical artwork adorns the enclosure structure that will capture attention in any venue

– Available in single, dual or triple linked cabinets setups for big multiplayer excitement (call for pricing)

– Safety perimeter fencing

– Each cabinet features an internal water reclamation system, but operators will need to keep an eye on water levels and replenish every so often

– Controls: 4x Mounted swivel water cannons, with dual handles for easy control, and LED backlighting to make the guns glow.

– 4x Single bench seats for player comfort

– Cute 60fps graphics are displayed on a 65″ HD monitor

– Multiple levels of fun; play for the best high score!

– RGB LEDs highlight the cabinet on the sides and the bench

– Note that the game software is titled “Star Crusader” while structure art will show “Water Games”

– Coin or card swipe compatible (see below)

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Custom enclosure and/or fence panel art

– Custom layout (all units can be side-by-side or pairs of units can be placed back-to-back)

– Coin-operation kiosk (NOTE: The game will come as a non-coin/swipe game unless you add this!)

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