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Elite Park Trampoline


A Mini Trampoline Park For Your Venue
Installed Dimensions[1p]: H: 118″ W:118″ D:118″ Weight: 1102lbs.
Installed Dimensions[2p]: H: 118″ W:222″ D:118″ Weight: 2204lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: TBA
Electrical: 110/220V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Universal Space (UNIS)

How can you combine play and exercise into one experience? The Elite Park Trampoline by UNIS has the answer to that!

Using a larger form factor than a typical arcade machine, this allows any location with the space (arcade, indoor playground, arena, FEC, gym, etc.) to offer an interactive trampoline park game. The game features a wide trampoline with sensors, allowing players to compete in a way where they’re burning calories while having fun.

The Elite Park Trampoline is also versatile, coming with two games that will get users jumping. More games will be added in the future and can be downloaded via the Internet (game purchase fees may apply).

The Elite Park design comes with several standard features.  A large enclosure structure serves as the “cabinet” for the game, containing artwork and the projection hardware for the front display. Outer rope fencing and extensive padding around the trampoline keep active customers and on-lookers safe. Finally, an online leaderboard kiosk is included, that can be placed directly outside of the entrance. With this kiosk, operators can easily setup tournaments, and capture the “eSports” fever, bringing customers back as they compete for high scores both locally and globally.

Check out the Elite Park Trampoline (and some other Elite Park game models) in this manufacturer-made video.

UNIS’ Elite Park Trampoline Features:

– Get your players moving while tapping into the fitness trend

– Available in a single or double unit (linked) configuration

– Controller: Real trampoline with sensors to detect jumping movements & force

– Thick safety padding keeps springs covered and helps minimize any injury from falls

– Graphics are displayed on a large projection screen

– Comes with two games (Bounce Mania & Battle Bounce), with more available in the future

– Leaderboard for global & local high scores; Operators can easily run tournaments using the built-in software!

– Online ready for game updates and dynamic leaderboards

– Coin or card swipe compatible; Requires Coin-op kiosk for pay-to-play operation

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Leaderboard style: Fixed Marquee or Separate standing floor

– Custom enclosure art

– Coin-operation kiosk (NOTE: The game will come as a non-coin/swipe game unless you add this!)

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