• Drift 'N' Thrift arcade machine by Touch Magix

Drift ‘N’ Thrift


Drift Your Way To 1000K & Win Big Tickets!
Installed Dimensions: H: 101″ W: 43″ D: 33″ Weight: CALL
Shipping Dimensions: H: 83″ W: 45″ D: 35″ Weight: CALL
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Touch Magix USA


Put your drifting skills to the test, winning tickets along the way with Drift ‘N’ Thrift by Touch Magix.

Drift ‘N’ Thrift allows you to experience “dangerous drifting,” where the car can easily slip ‘n’ slide around the open course. Cash & bars of gold will spawn for you to grab to increase your thrift score, with a goal of “1000K” being setup to win the coveted ticket bonus. But it’s all easier said than done, as fast moving police cars will also spawn and chase you down. Collide with another car and you’ll lose 10K of your earnings. Watch out for the boulders! Hitting one of those ends your game immediately.

Control the action using your steering wheel – no gas pedal is used, as the car will just go. Take care to watch your fuel gauge though – run out and it’s game over. Refuel icons will randomly appear, so make sure to steer towards them when you see one. With fast paced action like this, players will keep on coming back for more!

Here is Drift ‘N’ Thrift in action from Amusement Expo 2020. Video is available in 4K Ultra HD resolution. Subscribe to us on YouTube to be alerted of additional video updates!


Touch Magix’s Drift ‘N’ Thrift Features:

– A fun car drifting experience to collect the virtual cash to turn into tickets

– Exclusive to arcades

– Made in the USA

– Great gameplay that works for all ages

– Multiple vehicles to choose from, each with different speed & handling stats

– No gas pedal – the car just goes, you just have to steer! Boost button also can be used

– Procedurally generated collectible items keeps the game fresh every time you play

– Win the ticket bonus by collecting 1000K worth of virtual cash/gold

– Graphics are displayed on a vertically mounted 43″ monitor

– 60 second average game play time – get better with practice!

– 1x ticket dispenser included

– Comes with a standard coin mechanism; DBA and card swipe ready

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