• Chuck-A-Luck Dartboard by Arachnid

Chuck A Luck Multi-Dart Dartboard Machine


Carnival Style Dartboard Attraction
Installed Dimensions: H 90″, W 69″, D 41.5″
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Arachnid


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Chuck-A-Luck Darts by Arachnid is a fun, safe, simple dartboard gaming concept, inspired by the carnival midway.

To stand out from other dartboards on the market, the Chuck-A-Luck comes with four dartboard targets are positioned to rotate counter-clockwise like a windmill. The speed of the spin is just fast enough to make it a rewarding challenge for the players.

Using soft tip safety darts, players get three darts to throw at any target as they attempt to get the highest score possible. The total score is reset when the dartheads start spinning or can be reset through a remote switch while the current score is displayed on the large numerical LED scoreboard. Missed darts will not help a player’s score much, but they are readily retrievable at the base of the unit, due to the resilient backdrop.

Note that this unit requires an attendant to operate. The dart head rotation starts when the operator spins the heads counter-clockwise. Rotation stops when the operator holds the heads motionless for two seconds. Nighttime play is aided by fully adjustable lights. Chuck A Luck has proven to be a moneymaker at Arachnid’s BullShooter World Championship over the last ten+ years and has proven to make over $1000 a day at special events, fairs, carnivals and similar situations.

Arachnid’s Chuck-A-Luck Dartboard Features:

– Unique carnival style dartboard

– Four dartboards are attached to a rotational bar structure

– Counter-clockwise rotation with a rotation safety release

– Large red numerical LED score display

– Durable backboard with a lip at the bottom to capture missed darts

– Two overhead lights that allows for this to work indoors or outdoors at night

– Comes with: 25 brass soft tip darts; 1,000 soft-tip points; 1 switch matrix; 1 replacement motor belt; 2x 100-watt replacement bulbs; Owner’s manual & installation guide

– Requires an attendant to operate

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