• Casino Lights coin pusher by Coastal Amusements

Casino Lights


A Coin Pusher With All Of the Glitz Of The Vegas Strip
Installed Dimensions: H 85″, W: 75″, D: 65″ Weight: 750 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Coastal Amusements, Inc.

Grab all of the glamour and the glitz of a Vegas casino with Casino Lights, a 6-player casino-themed coin or token pusher by Coastal Amusements.

Casino Lights has served as a ‘high rolling’ big earner anywhere it is has been placed. With six player stations and a timeless theme that appeals to adults, this is a hard game to pass up! Coin mechanisms sit in the top section underneath the dazzling marquee. The mechanism is on a swivel, allowing the user to aim their coin/token with skill. Multiple labelled targets are found along the backboard of the player station, pegs guiding the coin before it lands on the moving pusher platform below. This machine does have a coin out feature so please verify the legal requirements in your city or state before purchasing.

Coastal Amusements’ Casino Lights Features:

– Casino themed coin pusher

– Six player stations to maximize the earnings potential of the game

– Swivel coin mechanism adds an element of skill to aiming for the best targets

– Multiple targets to shoot for

– standard coin pushing platform at the bottom of each target zone

– Coin out feature; can be replaced with ticket dispensers. Please ask for details

– Can be adapted to take one of various coin sizes/types. Please specify what you need when ordering

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