Big Dog Pounder


Feed The Dog And Win Tickets!
Installed Dimensions: H: 70″, W: 29″, D: 69″ Weight: 575 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: H: 76″ W: 34″ D: 75″ Weight: 597 lbs.
Electrical: 120V @ 8A, 880W (220V available)
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Bobs Space Racers


The Big Dog Ticket Redemption Game has all the great features of BSR’s “Dog Pounder” but in a new, smaller and more accessible “Kids Size” cabinet. No more hammer, just push the big dog bone down and watch the balls fly!

Big Dog Pounder is easy for kids to play. Just push down on the dog bone handle to launch the balls to fill the dog’s belly before the timer runs out. Fill the dog’s belly up and win more tickets! It’s easy to play and fun over and over again!

REFURBISHED STOCK: 1/24/18! – A standard Dog Pounder unit is currently available from a PrimeTime operated location in Florida. Each will go through our Certified Pre-Owned refurbishing program before shipping to you. Please call for pricing and lead time.

Bob’s Space Racers’ The Big Dog Pounder Features:

– Fun, dog themed ball redemption game

– Easy to play – just push the dog bone down to make balls bounce

– Fill the dog’s belly with as many balls as possible before the timer runs out (time is operator adjustable)

– Includes all of the colored balls needed

– AIR COMPRESSOR NOT INCLUDED BUT REQUIRED: 2 gallon tank capable of supplying .90CFM @ 90 PSIG

– Includes a standard 2-slot coin door and ticket dispenser; card swipe ready

Want to see the Big Dog Pounder in person? You can find it at the PrimeTime Arcade inside the X-Treme Action Park in Ft. Lauderdale, FL!

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