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Armed Resistance DLX


A Unique Console Style Battle Game Made Just For Arcades
Installed Dimensions: H: 76″, W: 64″, D: 65.5″ Weight: 441lbs.
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Universal Space


When teams of transforming robots come together to fight, the results are explosive fun. Armed Resistance brings capture-the-base, team vs. team action like you would find on PC to the arcade world. With it’s third person view, transforming robots and smooth graphics, this is one game that breaks the monotony of driving or light-gun games.

Players can chose from 6 different war machines as they battle across three arenas. Each robot is equipped with a gun that is used to eliminate your enemies (either by standard firing or by secondary fire) but there is more. Press the button on the speed throttle and you instantly transform from a walking robot into a fighting vehicle! Each machine has a unique vehicle that they transform into.

Check out this game in action from the official factory trailer

Universal Space’s Armed Resistance Features:

-Arcade exclusive – you’re not going to find this game on any PS4, Xbox One or phone!

-“Capture The Base” style gameplay stands out from anything else on the arcade market

-Big 55″ screen with vibrant colors displays the smooth 60FPS action

-Creative dome enclosure draws attention to the game while inviting players in with open sides (No door to confuse people)

-Attractive LED lighting and etched plastics create a futuristic look to each cabinet

-Robot transformation feature adds replay value as players will want to discover which transformation best fits their play style

-Link up to 16 cabinets for massive multiplayer battles (local link only, no online)


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