• AC8009

AC 8009 Free Vacuum Token Dispenser

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Upgrade Any Car Wash System With This Incentive!
Installed Dimensions: H 26″, W 10.5″, D 13.25″ Weight: 82lbs.
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Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: American Changer Corporation


The AC8009 by American Changer is a free token dispenser that was designed to connect with existing Car Wash entry systems. Enhance your customer visits and incentivize car wash upgrades with this convenient token solution!

This dispenser is designed with high security in mind, using the same welded stainless steel build as American Changer’s other “Platinum Series” high security units. It also uses 2x high security locks & keys to help keep out unauthorized access to the internal parts of the machine. It is easy for the operator to refill, using a front load design and does not use a dollar bill validator. It will connect to most Car Wash entry systems and dispense a “free” vacuum token on a specific wash type.

American Changer’s AC8009 Features:

– Designed to integrate with most existing car wash entry systems to vend a free token as a part of a specific package

– Improves the automation of a car wash/vacuum  setup

– No bill validator to worry about in holding cash

– Hopper holds up to 2,600 .984″ size tokens

– Front load design

– Comes with 2x Medeco high security locks & keys

– Coin catcher built into the front to prevent coins from falling to the ground

– Cabinet & door are made from 11 gauge welded stainless steel

– Out Of Service light indicates any present fault with the unit (out of tokens or another error)

Available Options – Please Call For Price

– Custom decal

– Freeze protection

– Contact alarm

– Tilt Alarm

– Audit Printer

– Stainless steel console base (H: 32″ W: 10.5″ D: 13.25″)

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