• 46" Glow Cranes - NEON World and Route 66 by St. Louis Game Company

46″ Glow Crane (Neon World / Route 66)


Big Cranes That Mean Big Earnings!
Installed Dimensions: H: 78″ W: 46″ D: 40″
Shipping Dimensions: Please Call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: St. Louis Game Company / S&B Toy


In the market for a good-sized crane that won’t break the bank and keep working hard? Then check out the 46″ Glow Crane series by the St. Louis Game Company. This set is available with either “Neon World” or Route 66 graphics.

The game plays just like every claw machine is supposed to – credit up, move the claw with the joystick, push the button to attempt to grab the product below. Each Glow Crane comes with a beautiful LED-backlit face piece, where the operator can program the LEDs to change color to their liking. The crane itself features a sturdy, polished aluminum frame, reinforced backing behind a translucent LED backlit door and a proven electronics system that will keep in operation during your busiest hours!

St. Louis Game Company’s 46″ Glow Crane Features:

– Take advantage of the programmable glow effect to draw extra attention to the crane & prizes

– Available in NEON WORLD and Route 66 graphics packages

– Solid construction crane machine that uses a polished aluminum frame

– LED lighting effects behind translucent fixtures create a fantastic “neon” effect that drives earnings higher; built into the 4-sides

– Larger cabinet means more prize space

– Standard 4-way joystick controls

– LCD information display built into the control panel

– Digital sound effects makes for a more entertaining prize winning experience

– Dual interior security bars

– Adjustable prize chute allows you to increase product capacity if desired

– Operator adjustments include Winner Every Time functionality

– Ships with a pair of standard coin mechanisms; DBA ready

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