Spectrum Avanti Elite “T” Dartboard


Built-In Computerized Player Scoring
Dimensions: H 94″, W 29″, D 14″
Weight (lbs): 225
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Medalist Marketing

Fantastic electronic soft tip bar style dartboard machine. The Avanti Elite “T” LCD Monitor is Top Mounted for better and longer (higher) player and crowd visibility in bigger bar, pub and other commercial locations – also great for homes. Do note that the pictured model shows a camera which was only available for commercial operations.

The unit features a 19″ color LCD screen on the top to show game information and other fun animations.

The Medalist Spectrum Avanti T comes with X01 Games like 01, 301, 501, 701, 901 and 1101 plus Cricket, Count Up Cricket, Select-A, U-Pick / Pick, Team, Count Up, Eagles Eye, Polarity, Good Time, Air Attack, Out-On-A-Lim, Ladies and Gentleman, Splat, Robo & Half-It, plus Standard Darts, Rotation, Random and Practice Mode dart games.

Please note that this unit has been discontinued. That said, we specialize in refurbished games. All used games receive proper care from our experienced technical staff and come with a 30 day warranty.  Call our friendly sales staff or email us here to find out if one of these units is presently available!