Slam ‘n’ Jam Jr.


With size 3 Basketballs
Dimensions: H: 80.1″, W: 35.4″, D: 70.5″
Weight (lbs): 425
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Lai Games

After the huge success of the full size Basket ball game Slam & Jam, LAI Games have developed a junior version.

Basketball games are the most popular of all sporting games that have ever been made into coin-op games and are proven consistent performers in arcades that operate Basketball games with or without Redemption Tickets.

And since there is a whole generation of young would be Michael Jordans out there who are not yet big enough to play on the Real Thing, the new Slam & Jam Jnr. from LAI Games is providing the ideal alternative.

The game comes with size 3 basketballs to make the game realistic, players score 2 points per hoop shot and get 3 points in the last 10 seconds of the game.

Slam & Jam Jnr. comes with a host of Operator options to set Ticket payout, Price per Play and Game times.

The Cabinet features friendly cute graphics and its compact design will guarantee it a space in any Location.

* Bright and friendly graphics.
* Adjustable game time.
* Fully adjustable Tickets payout options.
* Full Audit & Test mode features.
* Exciting last ten seconds three point zone play.