Rambo – Standard Model


Action-packed War Game Based On The Popular Rambo Movies
Installed Dimensions: H: 78.5″, W: 39″, D: 39″
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Sega Amusements

Become the most macho warrior in American popular culture – Rambo – with Sega’s light-gun blasting arcade game from 2008.

Based upon elements from the first three Rambo films ( ‘First Blood (1982)’, ‘First Blood – Part II (1985)’, and ‘Rambo III (1988)), you are fighting for personal freedom as well as seeking to rescue prisoners. As you play, a clock shows how soon an enemy will attack. You are rewarded for quick kills. The Rage Meter also builds throughout the level and when active, you become invincible in a way that only Rambo can be while the rage dissipates.

The standard game shown above is equipped with an LCD monitor and two “Uzi” style machine guns.

What Makes Rambo Special?

– Arcade exclusive light-gun adventure based upon the iconic Rambo film franchise from the 80s.

– The game integrates certain live action clips from the films

– Two (2) light-gun pistols allows for players to join forces to take out the Soviets

– Standard model uses a 32″ HD LCD screen

– Powered by Sega’s PC-based Lindbergh Red Ex Hardware system 

– Attack gauge appears above enemies to alert you as to when they will fire.

– Build your Rage Meter to gain temporary invincibility and big points

Also produced in a Deluxe model with a large screen and rifle guns

– This is no longer produced and is only available as a “Certified Pre-Owned” game. Please call for availability. All used units are fully refurbished meaning that they will be ready to operate once it arrives at your location. With a 30 day warranty on all used games, you can buy or rent with peace of mind.

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