Orion 5D

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3D Image System With Shutter Glasses
Dimensions: Height: 118″, Width: 118″', Depth: 107″
Weight (lbs): 2282
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Trans-Force

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The new Orion 5D Interactive Attraction by Trans-Force is a revolutionary product which is completely new to the leisure and edutainment market. The Orion is a unique INTERACTIVE AUDIENCE EXPERIENCE; which features the most advanced, state-of-the-art simulation technology on the market today – The Orion features a 4-Seat Cabinet with s spaceship theme (can also be customized to suit) along with a huge panoramic 3D Stereoscopy Screen (active stereo), 3DOF Electrical Motion Platform with incline angles from 20 to 40°, and most importantly, the awesome INTERACTIVE game play for all riders via the use of individual joysticks in each seat. During the game, all riders turn from mere observers into active participants in a 5D virtual-reality world. Each seat is equipped with a joystick which can be used for controlling the craft and its weapons; taking pictures of interesting objects; answering quiz questions, and much more.