Lusso Wenge


Single man goalie
Dimensions: Height: 36″, Width: 30″, Length: 64″
Weight (lbs): 220
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Garlando

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This awesome, luxurious “state-of the art” foosball table, whose name is an introduction in itself (“Lusso” is the Italian word for luxury) comes from the creative genius of designer Pierottavio Canegallo, the creator of Garlando’s G-1000 & G-3000 football tables.

The exclusive Lusso Foosball Table will be produced in a limited edition being destined to a restricted group of extremely demanding connoisseurs. A label will number each table in the series. Its sleek but sturdy (30mm thick multiplayer plywood with plastic laminate coating) cabinet in carbon effect is enhanced by the aluminum finishings and features a complete absence of visible screws and plastic details, for the smoothest appearance.