Kick It Jr.


W/ real soccer ball
Dimensions: H: 89″, W: 50″, D: 72″
Weight (lbs): 448
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Interactive Light

It’s bigger action in a smaller package: Kick-It Jr! This innovative video redemption game provides real soccer action for your kiddie arcade collection. It gets kids moving as they kick the real soccer ball into the game to score goals.

At the time it was developed, Kick It Jr. used high end graphics capabilities along with speed / directional sensors to create the sensation of hitting a real goal. It also has remained exclusive to arcades! Overall it is a game that is easy to learn (kick the ball and score a goal against the virtual goalie) but difficult to master (you can always improve your shots!)

Combined with full redemption capabilities, Kick It Jr. is a great game to add to your arcade floor.

The Kick It Jr. is no longer manufactured so if you are looking for one, please contact us about current availability and pricing. As with all of our used games, our team of technicians will refurbish the game prior to shipping it out, guaranteeing that you are getting the game in a condition that allows you to start making money as soon as it is placed on location.