Imply Mini Bowling

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Special 3D Animations For Player Fun
Dimensions: 36′ Model – H 99″, W 66″, L 430″
36′ Dual Model – H 99″, W 117″, L 430″
45′ Model – H 99″, W 66″, L 538″
45′ Dual Model – H 99″, W 117″, L 538″
Weight (lbs):
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Imply Tecnologia Eletrônica Ltda

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Mini Bowling Imply is the complete package for bowling fun – With the perfect sizes to fit in many different places, such as Hotels, Bars, Shopping Malls, Amusement Parks, Arcades, Cafeterias, Pubs, Cruise Lines, Residences, Restaurants, Clubs, Colleges and more. Mini Bowling can be installed with 2 or 3 modules (36 or 45 Feet Long) and a special optional “Player’s Area’ complete with cool player lounge sofas and table designed according to your preferences is now available. Wherever there is place for fun and games, there is place for Mini Bowling Imply.