Imply Bowling Cafe – Compact Bowling Alley Lanes

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Large 32″ Overhead LCD Player Scoreboard Display With 3D Animations
Dimensions: Total Alley Width (One Lane) : 6′-7.5″ / 202cm
Total Alley Length (55′ Lane) : 55′-10.5″ / 1703cm
Total Alley Length (65′ Lane) : 65′-11.5″ / 2010cm
Bowling Lane Length : 33′-6.75″ / 1023cm

Approach Area Length : 10′ / 307cm

Player’s Area Length : 6′-6.75″ / 200cm
Weight (lbs):
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Imply Tecnologia Eletrônica Ltda

Imply’s new bowling alley concept, the Imply ® Bowling Cafe provides players all the excitement of official bowling lanes in a compact size without using any attendants.

The Imply Bowling Cafe is the perfect solution for getting big profits in smaller locations such as Arcades, FEC’s, Malls, Theaters and other Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) venues. Bowling Café provides the thrill of bowling for all ages, and suitable for all entertainment applications.

Imply ® Bowling Cafe provides LBE locations guaranteed revenues for family fun, happy hours, birthday parties, corporate team events and more ! Up to (6) players can compete on the same lane, but in a casual, no pressure atmosphere that doesn’t require the use of special shoes.

Bowling Café Lanes come with special “glow-in-the dark” inks embedded in all components, which interact with the use of optional UV “Backlights”, along with LED Lighting embedded along both sides of the lane, which literally turns the Bowling Cafe into a very eye-catching display of lights and colors, helping to attract and keep players.

And with optional Imply ® Bowling Lounge Furniture, you can create a real “lounge” type atmosphere around your lanes, to provide greater comfort to your customers and maximizing the time they spend in your bowling center.


We have direct experience with installation and operation of a Bowling Café setup, as found at our Xtreme Action Park facility in Ft. Lauderdale! Don’t bother with those other guys who only have received product brochures or maybe played it once somewhere – go with PrimeTime experience!