G-2000 AW


Water-proof protection cover included to protect colors from sun damage when not in use.
Dimensions: Height: 34.6″, Width: 30″, Length: 56.3″
Weight (lbs): 185
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Garlando

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Weatherproof foosball table for use in all weather conditions ! Perfect for those who want a technically advanced table that does not compromise on aesthetics. The G-2000 Weatherproof combines features such as marine plywood, special anti-rust steels and waterproof glues to withstand outdoor use. Table colors are protected by its waterproof cover, while the leg levelers help adjust to rough grounds. Recommended for pool decks, gardens, playgrounds, beaches, camping-sites, fun-fairs and other outdoor areas. This great table looking foosball can be enjoy in all seasons, year around.