Fireball Fury


Optional Overhead Jackpot Marquee
Dimensions: Height: 80″, Width: 30″, Depth: 114″
Weight (lbs): 500
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: BAY TEK Games

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Same classic game as the original Fireball above, but with updated new looks and new features and benefits ! Fireball Fury brings the classic game of alley bowlers back to the game room.

Players roll nine balls up the ramp to score as many points as they can. BayTek Games has taken the classic style alley bowler and loaded it with chase lights and vibrant colors. Sink as many balls as you can through the point rings to win tickets. The more you score, the more tickets you win. Fireball will get your patrons fired up so they want to play again and again. Bank additional games and add a progressive for HOT profits.