Face Place Sapphire Photo Booth


“Free-Play” for Weddings, Parties, Special Events, Trade Shows and Office or Home Use.
Dimensions: Height: 78″, Width: 29″, Depth: 39″
Weight (lbs): 449
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Apple Industries

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Appleā€™s newest digital photo booth, the Sapphire Photobooth is known for its cool looks and very eye-catching overhead sign. The Apple Sapphire is constructed with a rugged, all-steel cabinet, and its beautiful retro look makes it the perfect addition to nightclubs, bars, bowling centers, resorts, malls, retail stores, theaters and even for homes. Features a industry record-setting 16 Second Print Cycle, and dispenses (2) 4 Frame 2″ x 1 1/2″ practically indestructible high-quality photos with every vend, and comes with Built-In Casters for easy repositioning.