Eclipse Photo Booth


Photo Booth Packed With Cutting Edge Technology
Installed Dimensions: Please call
Electrical: 110V
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Digital Centre

The Eclipse photo booth by Digital Centre provides the features you expect from a commercial photobooth with some added innovation to drive sales!

The first part of the attraction is the 12′ curved LED screen that wraps around the outside of the machine. This interactive display allows you to showcase pictures or videos, which you can use to further promote your brand, a special event or a guest! Combined with Digital Centre’s specialized ad platform, you can generate revenue without even printing a photo!

Digital Centre machines also offer a smartphone app for both customers and operators called MyPhotoApp which allows clients to share their pictures digitally with ease. Use the QR-ID to securely track your pictures and photos are printed with a QR code that clients can use to share their pictures as well. Operators can use it to make booth adjustments and audits remotely. Digital Centre has also developed a secure transmission method to protect photos on the machine and in the Cloud so that users can share without worry.

What Makes The Eclipse Photo Booth Special?

– Cabinet uses a 12′ long, curved LED display that allows you to feature any photo or videos you want

– 10MP digital camera for top quality photos

– Easy-to-use touchscreen display and control

– Video capture feature

– Photos can be uploaded to Digital Centre’s secure cloud; no emails or passwords required by the client

– Smartphone app (iOS/Android) integration for both client and operator allows users to easily share their pictures

– QR-ID lets clients keep track of their photos on the app

– QR-PHOTO feature lets clients share a particular photo strip on any phone with a QR scanner

– OPTIONAL: Wireless USB Adapter. Please call for price

РOPTIONAL:  SmartPrint Feature. Print ANY of the photos on your phone using the photo booth as the printer! Great for generating additional income. Please call for price.

Check out the Eclipse photo booth in action (manufacturer produced video):

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