Down the Clown

Please Call for Price

Beautiful, life-like carnival canopy top
Dimensions: Height: 108″, Width: 80″, Depth: 108″
Weight (lbs): 325
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE Games)

The all-time favorite classic carnival / midway game has now been transformed into a neat ticket redemption game. Give your facility more of a midway feel with Down The Clown!

Down the Clown Arcade was specifically designed to allow 1 or2 players (in twin configuration) in order to play at the same time, and encourage ‘family play”. It has a colorful and inviting design that appeals to players of all ages.

Players toss balls at the different sized clowns for points. Hitting certain clowns adds bonus points, as the players attempt to the hit the interactive big bonus.

Check out Down The Clown in action as seen at IAAPA: