Capsule Craze


Multiple prize instant redemption
Dimensions: L: 48″ x W: 37″ x H: 95″; 120 V;
Weight (lbs): 507 lbs
Condition: Excellent
Manufacturer: Bobs Space Racers

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Capsule Craze VRM, the latest addition in capsule merchandisers, with its new and improved vending capabilities, is designed for unattended operations. It allows for greater tolerances than previous capsule games by using a ball as the play object. Its ability to vend any 4″ capsules makes this game very versatile both physically and financially. It has the option of using a more player friendly joystick which gives players an all new easily controlled play system. The object of the game is for players is the challenge of keeping a floating ball within a moving target until time runs out. So the real question is, “Will you control the capsule or crack under the craze?”