Black Tie Toys


A Crane With Class!
Installed Dimensions(31″): H: 76″, W: 31″, D 36″ Weight: 250lbs.
Installed Dimensions(40″): H: 77″, W: 40″, D 41″ Weight: 420lbs.
Shipping Dimensions (31″): H: 78″, W: 34″, D 36″ Weight: 320lbs.
Shipping Dimensions (40″): H: 83″, W: 42″, D 47″ Weight: 420lbs.
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Coastal Amusements Inc.

The Black Tie Toys by Coastal Amusements is a solid crane machine that is perfect for arcades, bars, restaurants, dental offices and more. Offer fun and contemporary plush prizes that players will go crazy for!

Manufactured in two sizes – 31″ and 40″, there is also a wide selection of claws that you can choose from for each machine. Click here to see the different available claws for this machine (PDF file).┬áThe Black Tie Toys crane also features an all steel cabinet for durability; an attractive black & red skin with attractive running lights; digital sounds; a security prize detection system; programmable pricing options and a medium sized claw.

What Makes The Black Tie Toys Crane Special?

– Available in 31″ wide or 40″ wide models
– Variety of claw types and sizes available
– Rugged all steel cabinet design with a pad lock bar for additional security
– Built-in prize detection feature to prevent stolen prizes
– Programmable pricing and difficulty options
– Prize storage available inside of the unit
– Ships with 2 electronic coin comparators. Card swipe or DBA ready, please call for pricing

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