Big Buck HD Super Deluxe Model

Big Buck Wild HD Super Deluxe Model (Online)


$10,899 with Monitor

1080p HD “Cinema Quality” Game Graphics, Commercial Online Model
Dimensions: Height: 93″, Width: 73.5″, Depth: 71″
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Raw Thills




If you are looking for the residential offline version of this game, please click here.

It’s the biggest and baddest video hunting game in the world and you can get the latest edition of it for your business with Big Buck Wild Super Deluxe Online Edition.

The Big Buck series has developed a winning formula that brings players back to it time and time again – players choose from a variety of animals to hunt, then they are virtually transported to an exotic location where they get a chance to bag three bucks and some critters.

Big Buck Wild built on that forumla by expanding the online system, upgrading the graphics and throwing the occasional “Dangerous Trophy” into the mix. It also has given us the extinct Irish Elk and Bighorn Sheep to hunt, more bonus games along with two complete games: Duck Dynasty and In Case of Zombies: Doe of the Dead.

For this particular model of Big Buck games, it is ONLINE. This means:

-An internet connection is required (you can use wired ethernet; wireless or the included cell phone modem for an extra cost)
-Your users can participate in the online tournaments for cash (“Instant Tourneys”)
-Your users can access the Showdown mode to compete with users in other locations!
-Your users can participate in the annual Big Buck World Championships from this machine
Updates such as the Irish Elk/Bighorn Sheep, Duck Dynasty and In Case of Zombies: Doe of the Dead are included! There is an additional cost to these charged monthly through your Coin UP account. Please contact our sales staff for more information.


These models do NOT come with a monitor UNLESS you specifically request that the monitor included for the higher price.

If you opt to find and purchase your own HDTV for the unit, you must find a model that fits the following criteria:

-80″ only. The mounting hardware included with the game was designed for this size.

-1080p display (DO NOT GO BELOW THIS – the game will look terrible as it was designed with 1080p in mind!)

-Game Mode – Low Input lag. Be sure to set the game into GAME mode in the TV settings

-Auto-on upon power (So the TV turns on when the power to the circuit is on)

Generally speaking, the cheapest, no name brands will not work very well with the game. It is recommended that you buy a mid-range to high-range quality HDTV to ensure the best experience for your customers.

What Makes Big Buck Wild Super Deluxe Special?

-Exclusive to Arcades

-Access to various modes that drive business to your location (Instant Tourneys for cash; annual Championships; Showdown)

-Gorgeous and photorealistic graphics on a huge 80″ 1080p display

-2 guns allows for competitive head-to-head play; players can play on teams for up to 4 players!

-Fantastic skill based play that millions of players around the world have come to love

-Completely redesigned guns means fewer problems and more bucks

-Compact cabinet design allows this to be installed into smaller, space conscious locations

-Numerous animals, locations and bonus rounds keeps you coming back for more as you try and best your high scores

-Comes with a pair of coin slots and a Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA); can be set to Free Play in the settings

Available Operator Adjustments

-Volume settings for Master and Attract Mode

-Pricing settings including Free Play

-Big Buck Girls On or Off

-Gun Calibration

-Troubleshooting Utilities

-Bookkeeping Features

Check out our look at Big Buck Wild from IAAPA 2015!

Do you have more questions or are you ready to buy? Call our friendly sales staff for more information or email us here!