Beat The Goalie redemption game by Universal Space

Beat The Goalie


Electromechanical Ticket Redemption Game w/ LED lighting
Dimensions: Height: 71″, Width: 31.5″, Depth: 63″
Weight (lbs): 250
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Universal Space

Soccer enjoys popularity all over the world so tap into that excitement with Beat The Goalie by UNIS.

Beyond the theme, this game uses attractive LED lightning to draw players into it’s fast-paced competitive play. Play against the timer or against another person,where the excitement is doubled and the earnings higher!

In a way, it’s like a soccer-themed shooting gallery! Aim to shoot the balls through the individual holes and beat the goalie before the time runs out.

What Makes Beat The Goalie Special? 

– Unique looking soccer themed console draws attention
– Play alone against the timer & goalie or amp it up with fast-paced head to head competition!
РEasy-to-use ball shooters provide the kind of  force feedback that you only get in arcades
– Beautiful design and attractive LED lightning
– Ticket dispensers included (one on each side)
– Red LED scoreboards show Time, Score/Tickets, Player Number
– Comes with a coin comparitor or can be setup to operate with a card swipe system

How to Play:
– Activate credits.
– Play single or against another player.
– Aim to shoot the balls through individual holes before the time runs out.